Beauty contest for classic cars!

2019-06-04 09:55:30

Beauty contest for well kept “old ladies” or rather for “pretty old gals”. Encouraged by the success of the event held two years ago, the veteran car beauty contest is going to be organized again during the Hungagroring Classic being held between 12 and 14 July. The winner will not only be announced based on the seven-member-jury’s decision, but the votes of the guest will also be taken into account.

But what features will decide?

The fans tend to basically focus on the exterior, but the exterior, the intrinsic value is just as important.

“The professional jury is going to walk around the Hungaroring, examines the exhibited cars, makes notes, watches them during movement and finally sits down to have a great row about them” smiled Dr.Ádám Berniczei-Roykó, the president of the Old timer Division of the Hungarian Car Club, who is also the chairman of the beauty contest’s jury. “The members of the jury include experts of Hungarian veteran cars. Their views might differ sometimes, but they are hand and glove. We are evaluating the cars and motorbikes based on different aspects, which may be restored till the last plate or carry all the traces of the past decades on all their parts. Obviously, it is impossible to list all aspects and additionally, we greatly appreciate contemporary and authentic accessories. The final score is obviously decided by the general impression.”

The beauty contest will be announced for cars as well as for motorbikes. The categories will be the following: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, America, Japan, Cabriolet, Pre-war (before 1945), Other.

The winner vehicles will do a lap on the Formula 1 race course on early Sunday afternoon on the Elegance Parade and then they will participate in the official announcement of results.

The children are offered various fun activities: dodgem, small train, carousel, electric doughnut and many others. The ladies may apply for the services of the Schwarzkopf booth, where they are made an authentic and contemporary hairstyle free of charge.