Ferraris and Trabants ont he Hungaroring Classic!

2017-09-11 10:09:02

On the Hungaroring Classic basically the “stars” of our childhood car cards came to life in front of our eyes and we can see race cars of the sixties and seventies, including Ferraris, Lolas, McLarens and Porsches in action. As the race is being organized in Central Europe for the very first time, it was a must to prescribe races for Trabants and cars of the former CMEA countries.
And the idea of the Central European Trophy was born.
The idea was followed by action and the race mentioned above will be part of the Hungaroring Classing being held between 29 September and 1 October. At 9 am and 5.10 pm two twenty minutes’ races will be held, which will be preceded by practices on Friday and Saturday on the Mogyoród racing track.

The participants will have to have national or international racing license of course and they definitely need a race car.
What kind?

Certainly, the essence of the Trabant Trophy is obvious. In this race Trabants will participate. In the other two categories Central European (former CMEA) cars manufactured before 1987 will be evaluated above and under 1400 cm3.

The field of the Central European Trophy will start with an unusual, special line by line standing start. At ranking the best lap times of racers of different groups will be taken into account.

The winners will receive money prize and a cup: the first place can take home 150 Euros, the second 100 and the third 50.