First occasion is always special

2017-07-12 16:51:01

The classic car race, the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or organized for the 53rd time was a great success in Dijon. 15.000 visitors attended to the event, where 250 cars lined up to the start including very special, classical race machines.

The Hungarian journalist who traveled to the event was welcomed the chief organizer, Patrick Peter who also talked about the Hungaroring Classic being held between 29 September and 1October. “I am very happy that the field visits Hungary on the last weekend of September. This is the very first time, that the field of classic cars races at the Hungaroring, so the pilots are really excited about it. It is a great experience to race on Formula-1 race tracks and the beauties of Budapest is also something to mention. We hope that the event attracts many visitors and certainly we are welcoming collectors, because we are also preparing surprises for them for the weekend. The very first occasion is always a very special one. The location moved the fantasy of the racers as well, therefore we hope that large number of spectators will be interested in the Hungaroring Classic event. ”