Hungaroring Classic on M4

2017-09-18 16:07:32

The Hungarorinc Classic car race will be orgavnized for the very first time in Central Europe.  On this event we can watch the legendary race cars of the sixties and seventies racing on the Mogyoród Formula-1 track.

Certainly, the organizers want the more people to watch these beautiful Ferraris, Lolas, McLarens, Porsches and Maseratis on the site – just to mention a few among the represented brands. But those who won’t be able to join the event at the Hungaroring can follow the event, because the M4 channel will be broadcasting about the programs.

On 30 September from 12.15 pm after the Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying and on 1 October from 11.54 am after the finish of the Malayzian Grand Prix the tv audience can follow the events of the Hungaroring Classic.