More spectacular, more elegant...

2018-10-10 15:43:58

The first was an instant success, and the second is as least as much awaited by the fans as by the participants. The Hungaroring Classic will return next year – and the exact date is: 13-14 July, 2019. Balázs Szalay, the organizer of the event believes that it is expected to attract even more interested, than last year.

“You can accuse me of having a partial opinion, but I believe that in 2017 the Hungaroring Classic was the most beautiful car sport event at the Mogyoród track” stated the well-known Dakar Rally racer, Balázs Szalay. “People simply loved it, without respect to age and sex and it was great to see so many happy faces. Many guests dressed up in contemporary clothes and loved to walk among dream cars from their childhood. They could only admire these in the television, on car cards or in Matchbox format and now they had a chance to see them in action, racing. Younger fans had a chance to meet the cars that were comepeting on the most exciting races of the sixties, seventies or eighties.”

The world class field will be brough to Hungary by Peter Auto again, just like in 2017. In three days in total 24 thousand people were interested in the classic car race being organized in our country for the very first time.

“I look forward to the next challenge with great expectations and elevated organizational spirit. I truly trust, that we can double last year’s visitor number” added Szalay. “Our team is the same and I see tha my colleagues are also eager to start the organization of the 2019 edition of the Hungaroring Classic event, that will be greater, more special and more elegant, than last year’s.”