Stylishly at the Hungaroring Classic

2017-09-07 09:43:23


It is said that style is the man itself.

In case of the Hungaroring Classic this is also true for the cars – the atmosphere is already determined, the event introduces the race cars of the sixties and the seventies at the Mogyoród Formula – 1 course.

The organizers had a brave thought and they ask the fans, guest to represent the era of the sixties and seventies with their clothes, hairstyles and hats. Pretend to fly forty-fifty years back in time for a weekend and evoke the atmosphere of the contemporary car races together.

As the beautiful classic cars will fight a fierce battle against each other on the asphalt of the Hungaroring, this opportunity is also offered to the fans. As an additional program, hairdressers working on the site will offer to make contemporary hairstyles for the ladies and the gents, indeed, there will be a het competition for the ladies as well.