The tiniest cars ride the legendary racetrack - drive a Mini Hot Rod at the Hungaroring

2019-06-18 09:54:11

The unique driving experience of Budapest will be available at the Hungaroring Classic as well for the fans of extraordinary machines. Mini Hot Rod Budapest transports the feeling of classical hot rod cars into the present with a modern twist, offering unparalleled fun with the help of experienced tour guides. This awesome city tour satisfied already loads of people who visited Budapest and it was obvious that it has to be shared with car enthusiasts coming for the classic car event of Hungaroring as well. 
Mini Hot Rod Budapest – as a tribute to the heart and soul behind Hungaroring Classic – prepared vintage car styles to salute the golden times of automotive pleasure, bringing it to driving fans of the present.
These little rascals have a 170 cc engine and automatic transmission and all you need is a regular driver’s license to zoom around the legendary Hungaroring. You to can put the amazing agility and dynamics of these real life toy cars to the test. But be prepared to collect the amazed looks and smiles their cuteness brings to all the faces – you will feel like a real star, as you draw all the attention from car enthusiasts!