Time travel

2017-09-25 11:58:16

There is hardly any car sport fan in Hungary, who does not know the seven-time absolute rally champion János Tóth Junior. But not everyone knows, that he had driven now classical race cars, it is true, only once under race conditions.
“Technically, classic cars are very interesting for me, their restauration and technical solutions, therefore, I am really glad that they are really popular again” – said János Tóth Junior, who will race with a beautiful Peugeot 404 on the Hungaroring Classic. ”I remember, when I was a child I drove my father’s Osella when he finished the race, I drove the car down the hill to the start – sometimes the engine was running and sometime it wasn’t – and once I had a chance to drive a lap under race circumstances and it was an incredible experience.
Three hundred horsepower, six hundred kilograms, with extremely fine weight-horsepower ratio, great turn speed and acceleration. I am very enthusiastic about the Hungaroring Classic!