2017-09-25 11:28:10

Extensive domestic and global television coverage, promises to bring the inaugural Hungaroring Classics to a major new audience and boost its brand awareness and interest levels for its debut event in Budapest, between 29 September and 1 October later this week.
The host broadcaster Antenna Hungaria, will provide a state-of-the-art broadcast production facilities and will cover the event and transmit the images internationally. With one of their full HD modern Outside Broadcast unit, with up to 18 trackside cameras, 4 cameras in the paddock and over 35 key television experts, will deliver a tremendous viewing experience on screen, around the world.
In domestic level in Hungary, the state television M4 Sport; will broadcast the following:
- On Saturday 30 Sep at 11:45, will broadcast 10 minutes highlights (resume of the day).
- On Sunday 1 Oct at 11:45, will broadcast a full program of 60 minutes including the best action and focusing on the local heroes.
Internationally, the event received commitment from some of the biggest pan-regional broadcasters such as the newly rebranded Motorsport TV which now owned by Motorsport Network and will give the maximum exposure through their Channel as well as to live streaming on their OTT (over-the-top) platform, available via desktop, mobile and tablet.
The channel is available in 36 million households in 42 countries worldwide (Europe, North and South America) and will broadcast a dedicated 48 minutes highlights program from Hungaroring Classics in English- French and Spanish languages.
In addition, key broadcasters such as: TV Start in Russia, Sport1 and iSport in Czech Republic, SP Sport in Croatia, TV3 Sport in Denmark, Garage TV in Spain, Star TV in Greece, RTP in Portugal, Fox Sports in Latin America, Fox Asia, TDM in Macau and Max TV in China, have confirmed their broadcasting commitments for live streaming or daily highlights of 24-minutes and many others are still under way.
Balasz Szalay, General Director of Hungaroring Classics, said: “We are very pleased that the TV coverage of our event will be substantial for its first year nationally and all over the world. Our vision is not only to develop Hungaroring Classics as a great sporting show, but also as a powerful communication platform for leading brands, especially through its extensive broadcast coverage and new live streaming services. We are confident that this year’s event will deliver a success story in terms of reach and exposure around the world, building on for the years to come.”