Zsolnay trophy to the most beautiful car!

2017-09-28 10:01:58

The winners are showering in champagne – familiar sight at the world of car races. Just like, it is also usual, that the fastest, bravest and smartest wins. The Hungaroring Classic, being organized for the very first time this weekend is special from that point of view, that does not only awards the participants of the car races (the beautiful race machines of the sixties and seventies will measure their skills against each other in eight categories) but gives awards to the cars being exhibited at the track. The professional jury of eight will go along the exhibitors (will not have an easy task, because the number of applicants is around 600) and gives an award in six categories: the most beautiful East European, West European, American cars, there will be a category with the motto of “cars of the world unite”, but the most graceful cabriolet and the most beautiful car from before the war can also receive a trophy.

The guests will also be included in this task: the booth of the Hungarian Tourist Agency will be set up at the entrance of the paddock and the guests can submit their votes here for the most beautiful classic car.

The deadline of the on-site voting is Sunday (1 October) 12 pm and the winners will receive a gorgeous Zsolnay porcelain trophy and a certificate, that will certainly be handed over at the award giving podium – at the sight, where the Formula -1 racers and the Hungaroring Classic races’ winners shower in champagne at the end of the race.